ALERT: Charlietalk

I’m telling Bretty about a dream I had. An unusually large cat and an even bigger dog were charging a deer in our backyard. The deer stood frozen, helpless against the angry pair. Charlie’s listening in on the story.

Bretty: “Weird dream.”

Me: “Yeah, it was bizarro.”

Charlie: “I didn’t see that deer.”

Me: “It was in my dream.”

“Your dream?”

“Yes. It was just in my head, bean.”

“In your head?”


“Do you mean in your hair?”

‘No, I mean in my mind . . . in my imagination. When I was sleeping.”

“Oh yeah, yeah. Okay.”


“Okay. But the next time that happens, I want to see that deer. You have to show me. You have to pick me up and take me with you so I can see.”

“I’ll see what I can do.”


ALERT: Charlietalk

There’s a big spider in my office downstairs. BIG. I go to the bottom of the stairs and call up to Bretty.

Me: “Bretty! Come help me catch this spider! It’s super big and I’m freaking out!”

Charlie appears at the top of the stairs, dragging a play-sword behind him. He looks concerned. The sword is at least three feet long. Taller than he is.

Me: “Daddy’s going to help me catch a big spider in my office.”

Charlie: “Is he gonna use my sword?”


ALERT: Charlietalk

We’re taking care of our neighbor’s baby chickens over Memorial Day weekend. They’re just a few weeks old, still tiny. Charlie crouches down and watches the chicks peck around in their crate.

Charlie: “They are delightful!”

Me: “They are, aren’t they?”


“Maybe later we can take them out and play with them for a little bit.”

“Can we juggle them?”

“Probably not.”